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D-Care Dental Clinic Treatment Promotions

Promotional rates are applicable now until 16th April 2014 (Khmer New Year).  All treatment fees are charged in USD ( Unite State  dollar)  Promotions may be changed without prior notice. The above promotional prices with fixed bridges are for standard crowns. Prices will vary for all porcelain zirconium crowns on implants and the price/amount of gold in crowns. For the dental implant fees, the cost of x-rays, teeth extraction, bonegrafting and temporary prosthetics are charged separately if required.  
More information please contact: Address: No.26, St.23, Sangkat Chey Chum Neas, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Dentist Doctor Tel: +(855)12 887 601 / +(855)16 705 213 (English Speaking)
E-mail: info@dcaredental.com
website: www.dcaredental.com
Price  is subject to be change without notice.
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Scaling Ultrasonic and Polishing Normal U/LU $20+
Deep Clean U/LU $35+
Filling Composite 1 surface $25
Diastema Tooth $30
Root Canal Treatment Tooth $70
Extraction of Milk Tooth Tooth $15
Extraction of Permanent Tooth Tooth $25
Wisdom Extraction Tooth $30
Surgery of Impacted Tooth Tooth $100 to $250
Partial Denture Case $250 to $350
Complete Denture Case $300 to $400
Ceramic Crown Tooth $120 to $150
Ceramic Gold Tooth $400
Impress Crown Tooth $500
Procera Crown Tooth $600
Metal Crown Tooth $80
Resine Crown Tooth $80
X-Ray Film $5
Mandible or Maxilla Fracture Case $600
Zirconium Tooth $350 to $400
Bridge Removal Crown Tooth $10
Bridge Removal Bridge Tooth $15
Fixing Ceramic one Crown Tooth $10
Fixing Ceramic one Bridge Tooth $15
Home Bleaching Case $150
Plasma Bleaching
Case $130 to $180
Ceramic Bracket Case $2000 to $2500
BMT Bracket Case $2000 to $2500
Selfligate Bracket Case $2500 to $3000
Ortho Pedic + Orthodontic (Growing Patient) Case $2500 to $3000
Dental Implant One Implant
$800 to $1300


Comments (3)

  1. Hello, I would like a quote on 2 upper tooth veneers and a 4 tooth upper jaw bridge.
    I would like the quote to be for the best quality full porcelain units.

    Thank you


  2. Hello,

    what is the total cost for the cheapest bridge for a missing tooth? The tooth is already extracted. Are there any cheaper friendly alternatives?


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